This collection came about from Ming’s fascination with wood joinery and has led her to discover an enduring motif from a past inspiration. Dǒugǒng, literally means 'cap' and 'block' in Chinese. It is a unique structural element of interlocking wooden brackets, one of the most important elements in traditional Chinese architecture.

Aureole's Dǒugǒng series takes inspiration from this structural network, adapting and paring it down to create a simple signature base which is reminiscent of ancient imperial palaces and temples. Aureole’s first collection, it encompasses lighting pieces, a bench, a side table and standing mirrors.

Dǒugǒng series
Table and floor lights
in a lightweight, yet
rigid interpretation of
this structure, giving
the illusion of a
'floating' light glowing

Dǒugǒng series
Bench with recessed
round tray detail

Dǒugǒng series
Side table with raised rims top providing an
added feature for
practical use.
Dǒugǒng series
Standing mirrors are designed to lean on the wall, allowing a simple horizontal interlocking wood to support the framework which also works as a
clothes rail.
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