The imagery of a circle represents the infinite and completeness, in Chinese culture, it is the perfect shape and viewed from a graphics perspective, it recalls the circle of life. At its most essential, the circle is simply a line that never ends.

Aureole approaches design within the context of simplicity – be it in the purity of lines or the unadorned elegance of a material. Within this, the richness of Asian culture inspires the process before being translated into a form which allows its design and material to accent the finished product.

Tan Wei Ming

A typography major from the United Kingdom, Wei Ming practised as a graphic designer for a couple of years after returning to Kuala Lumpur. Her passion for furniture and lighting design spurred her to explore beyond the two-dimensional - even more so as part of a design collective in 2007 producing custom furniture, lighting and interior pieces and exploring diverse fields like hospitality, fashion and culture. This experience gave Wei Ming the platform she needed to extend her skills further and would pave the way to forming her own independent brand, Aureole, in 2013.

In order to hone her skills and enrich her knowledge as a designer, Wei Ming enrolled in short courses to learn about woodworking and ceramics. These courses gave her a basic grasp of materials and production techniques which has helped Wei Ming during her design development – a journey she will keep pursuing to further perfect her craft.

As Wei Ming shapes and develops Aureole, she continues to draw influences from her graphic design background where geometry, forms, proportions and balance come into play.

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